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” I thought of creating a blog where all I will posting all about denim. Who doesn’t love denim right? Denim is in fashion like forever. No matter how much I will write about denim it won’t be enough anyway. The one thing I love about denim is the more you wear it the more comfortable it gets. With all passing year denim has just upgraded, it has always outwit its competitors. I have always fancy denim jackets, easy to pair and never gets out of fashion. Let’s jump on the attire I have pulled out of my wardrobe.

Look One.

Sleeveless denim is a minimal word; I’d rather call it half denim. I have paired it with basic gray and white tee with ripped jeans.

Gray Denim.    Denim cultre fashion

Here I have just worn a denim jacket, still making it look dope.

Half Denim

It’s a kind of badass look. Denim are available in very fever colors and texture. what make them unique is it’s simplicity.

Accessories – Fever bands and a watch with a dope sun glasses.

Look Two.

Have a look at this prussian blue jacket which is ripped from elbows.

Denim world   All about denim

White tee, black ripped jeans and a denim is all you need to brighten your day.

add a denim shirt if you wanna make a style statement.

Denim Culture     Denim shirt and jacket

And a scarf, make sure it doesn’t get too crowded.

Style statement with denim

Accessories same as look one.

Hope you guys enjoyed all the pics.

Bhavin Nahar Photography.

How to wear Denim jacket 2 ways.

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