Male or female?

Masculine or feminine?

He or she?

Is that what gender means to you?

To what extent gender notions are changing amongst generations?

Till where it can go?

The idea behind unapologetically ungendered is to clear the most common misconception of all times that makeup is meant for women and not everybody.Through this project ‘Embrace your beauty‘ .I want to normalise beauty for every human being and place this thinking out of the boxes. The international trend of the fashion world which started a couple of years ago ‘genderless fashion’ is not  just a trend. It’s a way of self expression, empowerment for one’s ownself, an extension of being free and bold.

Beauty/Makeup is no longer tied to women”

“Wearing makeup is one’s own choice because it makes them feel self-loved and confident”

“Genderless makeup is not obviously new but accepting this as an attribute is hard for some people”

“Beauty lies outside the gender boundaries and is about finding your best self no matter who you are”

“Lets be at the  forefront and send a beautiful message that there are no genders, just humans”


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