Hi guys! I hope you all are doing amazingly well❤ So yesterday i had my farewell, yes the most important day in any person’s life. Talking about how i feel about my farewell is that i am pretty normal or say casual about it. Why? Because i have nothing to loose while i am leaving this prestigious institution, Delhi University , rather i am leaving my college with the best experience i can ever have or have ever asked for. It was rather a smooth journey for me. It may sound very easy but to be honest things don’t come easy. I had to wake early in the morning to get ready and do my stuff then go to college and attend classes , then leave the college to reach the shoot location directly since i started blogging which is about an year old now. Not ranting but this was and still is my schedule almost every day and then people ask me how have you reached so far. Answer is always the same, plan-act-achieve! Not that i am forced by any company or brand to do this. This is my own choice. I love to keep myself busy. Why sparing an extra sec to think about wasteful things when you can direct those energises to create something amazing. It’s all about your will and constant self-talks on the days when you feel depressed! At the end, you will be where you always wanted to be. And these were the vibes yesterday throughout the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better farewell than what we’ve received yesterday.
Talking about my outfit, i asked every girl in the class about what they are wearing for the great event and as usual they all said “Saree”. I clearly didn’t want to go for that because 1- Heat , 2- It’s not me at all. I have always dreamt of a fairy dress that would go with my vibes and then i found one on Shein’s website. I found this dress on their site and i can just say thanks for making my farewell dress the most memorable one. Casual and elegant at the same time. The colour ,the vibes omg😍 I was screaming like anything throughout the day and was constantly bosting about my own dress and about how i was looking. Yes! I do that on the days when i feel that okay, today i look good so pay me attention because who doesn’t love it? You can check out the dress here. I would suggest you to wear whatever you like for your farewell because it’s your farewell and not other’s so why wear what they are wearing, rather wear what you want to wear. Doesn’t that make sense❤

Now i am gonna blast your screen with all the pictures from the day. Enjoy ❤

I hope you like​ today’s blog post ❤ Bon Voyage❤

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