By The Velvet Radio, Shivani Boruah

“I am but just a mannequin.

The world is cold.

Colder than how I felt inside my plastic heart.

Unknown. Unaware.

Truth. Lies.

For, I am but just a mannequin. “



” I wanted to break out of the shell that had me engulfed for years. Too long a span. I was alone.


The sun and the moon. The stars and the air. The walk on the grasslands and the splash of water.


The smell of the first bloom of spring and the breeze that makes you sing.


The dance under the rain and the kiss under the open skies.

I am but just a mannequin. Forever.


I broke the shell.

The world is Bright.

The world is full of good sight.

But it is fading away.

Away. Far away.

You broke my heart. You tore it apart.

Is this the world you told me about?

Is this the world you made me dream of? “

Mannequin, Shivani Boruah, The Velvet Radio




As the saying goes – ‘Grass is always greener on the other side’, this beautiful mannequin dreamt of coming to life. She dreamt of seeing and feeling the much talked about world. The COLORFUL WORLD. She wanted to be free from her plastic body and be loved. She wanted to sing a song and be kissed under the blue sky. She wanted to feel the breeze touching her hair and play with the butterflies. But is the world the way she had imagined? Is it colorful? Is it bright? Or is it grey? Grey to the core. The darkest shade possible.

She got scared. She was exploited. She didn’t realize till it was late. But it was late already. She needed a savior. She asked for help. Somebody to take her hand and be safe forever. She was bleeding. She sunk herself in her tears. But she couldn’t drown herself. Now, the only thing she ever begs of is to be a mannequin again.

Or be dead.



* * *


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Photography Courtesy & Art Direction : The very talented Arjun Shaw . Check out his blog HERE and his instagram handle is: @kratostrevenoski .

Creative Direction, HMU: Yours truly.

If you’d like to connect with me for my daily updates, here’s my instagram handle: @shivani.boruah

* * *

Although, I wore the make up and was being quiet expressive during the shoot, but it was at a later point of time when Arjun came up with the name – ‘Mannequin’ and I couldn’t help but agree with him. It aptly matched the emotions portrayed in the pictures.

So, is the world really colorful?

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