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I like to start my day with a glass of lemon- water, a little warm water, it being a health tonic. But most importantly, I like to open my eyes with huge servings of smiles and a few oozes of laughs! What about you?

Since childhood, I have been on routines which are more- or- less NATURAL, thanks to the mother. She is a lady who has always believed in home remedies for the skin and hair and there goes my upbringing! My skin is very sensitive and I don’t risk it by using a plenty of different products.

‘My Envy Box’ comes up with a great hand out of combos every month, wherein you get to indulge into a 4-5 trial- sized products from luxury and prestigious brands, which for a girl like me is a noteworthy deal as I could try the products on my sensitive skin without worrying much about paying a high price for a big bottle of lotion, et al.

The December Beauty Box consisted of the below range of products:


My morning routine generally starts with splashing a lot of cold water into my eyes and face and then going through the usual CTM. The under eye cream from ‘ROOTS & HERBS serves as a miracle if you have dark circles, fine lines, sore and dehydrated eyes. Keep it for an hour or two and boy, you are going to feel rejuvenated and look great!

* * *


The best part about a woman’s face, for that matter, every living being, are the eyes, which can tell a million stories! This eye lash curler is a very easy- to- use one and it gives you those beautiful doe- eyes instantly! The one which came with the december beauty box is from the brand ‘GUBB’ from USA. It also comes with a spare gripper.

* * *


Have you had a childhood where you were so moved by the scent of the lip gloss used by the young aunties of the club and wanted to taste it? Well, I had one. This lip gloss from ‘BLISCENT’ makes me feel so very nostalgic as upon closing my eyes, with this scent around, I can visualize raspberry orchards! Same goes for the magic it does to my lips- flowery and soft! The best part about this brand is, it’s a home- grown brand and every product is handmade, personally, with the finest of ingredients and a lot of love.

* * *


The lips’ envy is real whenever I see Angelina Jolie’s. Someone once told me that ‘If you define your eyes and lips properly, you are a goddess’. That’s what I have been following religiously. This is another lip gloss from ‘KRONOKARE’ which I have loved using. The peppermint flavour leaves a refreshing feeling to the lips and yes, this is all I need- feel fresh. The shea butter and sunflower content helps restore the tired tissues. This also helps keep the lips cool until the next KISS ( 😉 ).

* * *


SoulTree is a well known brand which makes ‘Organic Ayurvedic Cosmetics’ from the finest of ingredients. My usual regime of wearing a natural lip guard before applying lipstick could be checked here as ‘SOULTREE’ is a ‘NATURAL’ brand itself which I could rely on, with my eyes closed. Well. Now, you know, there is a difference between a brand calling itself ‘natural’ and a brand being a ‘natural’. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! And the powerfully vibrant color glides on smoothly and stays put.

* * *



All the pictures are taken without wearing any make up, except for the lipstick from the Beauty Box, for the one above.

Website of ‘MY ENVY BOX’HERE

Instagram Handle of ‘MY ENVY BOX’: @myenvybox_india

Photography Courtesy: The talented Arjun Shaw of Picsplot. Check out his blog HERE and his instagram handle is: @kratostrevenoski.

Styling, Concept & Post Production: Yours truly. My instagram handle is: @shivani.boruah.

So, my blogging, at first, was limited to fashion, but now with this collaboration, I stretch my wings towards beauty- product reviews as well. All I want to say is, always make room for new things, new experiences and life will just be a mere VACATION! Let it surprise you and never stop believing in yourself!


~ Stylishly Yours,


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