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Neesh The Tradition Of Excellence

NEESH has defined style and beauty. NEESH’s passion and distinctive style have created the most fabulous perfumes in the world. We are a place where the story of our brand and its grand evolution will be told by our marvellous designs and prolific perfumes. Come and explore Neesh’s heritage collection to matters of the heart.

I am a huge fan of fragrances. In fact, I prefer a fragrance which lingers to your body and when you pass by others can also notice. Smelling good is a crucial task, never underestimate the need to smell good! So, let me introduce you to pocket perfumes launched by Neesh. They give a choice to choose from 3 ranges: Light, medium and Strong fragrances. I went for the strong range of fragrances as I like strong lasting fragrances.

Neesh Belle D Oud Pikpack Eau de Parfum – 20 ml

Smells that lingers to your body I got these attars some days back and Belle d oud has become must have for me for those special occasions. Packaging is uniquely attractive that it easily comes in purse n pockets. Belle d Oud fragrance is tantalizing. The striking scent offers a modern composition and is a beautiful blend which combines the power of (Top Notes) Honey, Berry, and Iran Saffron; Middle notes are Indian rose and exotic prune; base notes are Must and dark amber. Also, fragrance helps in expressing dazzling floral side, passionate, and magnetic resonance. This perfume creates fresh aromas that will activate and energize your mind. Recommended for medium to strong perfume users. They are long-lasting attar.

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Neesh Zaafran E Hindustan Pikpack Eau de Parfum – 20 ml

This one is just SO intense! The aromatic notes of Zaafran E Hindustan characterize the Man of today as self-confident and knowledgeable and his nature to live in harmony with the natural world. Though you can wear this perfume to any occasion and at times, you can make it memorable! Imbibing the characteristics of all things Indian, Zaafran E Hindustan is a unique and has organic fragrance. It’s essential ingredients like musk, dark rose, pink rose, amber, and Iran saffron that are exponentially exotic It screams party! It is so strong and it lasted on for 12 hours. Longevity of both the attars blew me away! The packaging is really convenient! I love how it enables both guys and girls to carry it around in their pockets without worrying about spills or accidentally breaking it!

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Will I recommend Neesh Perfumes:

Fragrances are awesome, they are long lasting, not harsh on skin & most important you can carry them anywhere even in your jean pocket. Also it’s a perfect Gifting Idea too. So grab some for you & your loved ones. Each 20ml Perfume is priced at Rs.340/- which is a value for money.

I hope you all liked this review !

Stay Jazzed up !

Availability – Buy Neesh Perfumes from their official website | Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal.

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