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I would like to tell you a story. No, not necessarily with a happy ending but a story leading to true happiness of an individual…

There was a girl named Harper. She was born and brought up in a very rich family and was among the ones who always got what they asked for. She was very notorious as a child and was always in trouble for her mischief. But as she started growing, she began to notice something strange.

Harper felt upset about how she was. She looked at herself and hated her body. She only used to be by herself all the time and was thereafter, was a depressed soul. Despite having good friends and family, she felt lonely. One of the fun & famous girls in school started being the most unhappy and isolated from others.

Harper had no disabilities as a child, there was no reason for her to dislike her body. In spite of this, she suffered from body image issues.

She refrained going in front of the mirror. More like, the mirror was her worst enemy…

Years passed by and Harper was 16 years old now. One day, she was as usual having her lunch all by her own. She saw some boys playing at the school ground and she was quite fascinated about those boys playing soft ball. So Harper made up her mind and decided to take part in some sports. She joined the girls soft ball team.

Now, she was in a place which made her happy. Playing soft ball was her new hobby and eventually she became the girls team captain.

Her life was just as fun for her as any other teenager until she started noticing one of her team mate. This team mate was the vice captain of the team and Harper found her to be really beautiful. Her name was Rose.

Harper could not stop thinking about Rose. “This was not how it was supposed to be right?”, Harper started wondering. ” I’m a girl, I shouldn’t be thinking about Rose this way”

Harper was a teenager, she was clueless about everything happening to her..

There was a lot more to what Harper was thinking..

Find out what was exactly wrong with Harper and why she was this upset all the time. “Part 2: The Imperfect Perfection” will go live on the blog tomorrow.

Let us talk some fashion now..


This is a series of 3 fashion and lifestyle posts that I’m doing on 3 consecutive days. So, since it’s a themed post, I decided to pair 3 similar outfits and show you how you can pick a basic plain outfit and turn it into a funky piece just by adding a long shrug to it.

Today, I’m wearing a plain white tank top with white pants and some chappals matching to it. The choker adds an edge to it. With this I have pulled over a floral color blocking long shrug in order to neutralize the whites. Scroll down to see the outfit details. 🙂



Outfit Details

White Tank Top – Forever21

White Pants- Jealous21

Long Floral Shrug- VeroModa

Footwear- StreetStyleStore

Choker- Pantaloons,  Mumbai

I have been watching a few documentaries nowadays and I planned to write a fictional story on the blog. The story keeps getting better, so do come back tomorrow for the the Part 2 and a new fashion update tagged along with it.

Let me know how you like it, Like and Comment on the post 🙂

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Stay tuned, Thanks for visiting 🙂





Part 1: The Imperfect Perfection

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