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So, yesterday I wrote a blog on Part 1 of Harper’s story. (check it out if you haven’t already) And the story continues..

The next morning Harper woke up, brushed her teeth, went for a bath and came out wrapped in her towel. She had a huge mirror in her room so after bath she started staring at her body and began visualizing how she wanted her body to be.

She removed the towel and began wrapping a huge tape around her breasts, just so that they’re hardly visible over her T-shirt.
She took her mother’s lipstick (never had she ever taken a lipstick in her hand) she started drawing a penis on the mirror such as it was coinciding with her genitals through the reflection.
She wished her shoulders were broader and muscular. And she tucked all her hair in her beanie cap.

She was in her room for the next 3 hours.
By the end of those 3 hours, she knew what she wanted..

Harper wanted to be a boy…

Harper now knew what she wanted. On one side she was happy that she at least found out what was wrong with her, on the other hand she was scared to talk it out with her mom.

She gathered all the courage and admitted it to her mom. Her mom merely ignored her and thought it was a joke. Harper went back to her room upset about her mom not understanding her.

The very fine day there were guests coming at her place and her mom picked a dress for her to wear. Clearly, Harper refused to wear it but her Mom forced her.
The guests had arrived and Harper still hadn’t worn the dress.

Find out what Harper did with that dress in “Part 3: The Imperfect Perfection” (The conclusion will be live tomorrow, make sure to read it cause Harper finally decides to take the bold step)

Let us get back to some fashion now..


Today is day 2 of the themed post that I’m doing for 3 consecutive days.

So, Outfit 2 is a casual blue tank top paired with denim shorts. I pulled over a statement shrug over. This shrug matches with the jewellery I’m wearing. First I wore only the neck-piece, but to give the dress more of a casual look I also went for a small heart neck-piece. I teamed this whole outfit with a closed-toe footwear. A very comfortable outfit for an outing.

Scroll down to see the outfit details 🙂

IMG_5854 - Copy_1497683377064_1497685592390




Outfit Details

Prussian blue tank top- Fbb

Denim shorts and shrug- Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Neck-pieces- Bangkok local shop

Footwear- Flipkart

I have been watching a few documentaries nowadays and I planned to write a fictional story on the blog. The story gets better, so do come back tomorrow for the Part 3 and a new fashion update tagged along with it.

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Part 2: The Imperfect Perfection

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