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Today is the final day of Harper’s story. (Check out Part 1 and 2 if you haven’t already) Keep reading to find out what step she took in order to keep herself happy.

So, Harper’s mom had asked her to wear a nice dress as some guests were coming at her house. Harper picked that dress and threw it aside. The guests had already arrived and Harper still wasn’t ready.

Harper was adamant on not wearing the girly dress. She went to the washroom peacefully, grabbed a pair of scissors and she started chopping all her hair off.

She was done cutting her hair and with a smile on her face she stepped outside the washroom in her sweatshirt and baggy track pants.

The guests began to ask her about what happened to her hair.

Her mother was embarrassed and asked her to come to the kitchen to talk to her, Harper refused to follow her to the kitchen and sat on the table with the guests.

Her mother started justifying to the guests. She lied to them and told them, “Harper had some disease so she had to chop all her hair off, Oh Harper I forgot, what’s the disease called?!”

Harper’s reply left everyone stunned. Believing in herself completely, she decided to let it out to the world. With some unapologetic emotions she said..

“That disease is called TRANSSEXUALISM, Mom”

Harper thereafter, decided to break all odds and get hormone replacement therapy done. Harper Jones was now Harley Jones.

Harley was happier than ever and finally got to be his true self. Harley Jones is now a man and in his most confident form. He was also selected in the National sports with his team. Ah yes, he was still a captain but a captain of a boys team. He excelled in whatever he wanted because he was confident and happy with his own self.

Harley definitely turned out to be an inspiration to all the people out there who are unhappy with their own selves. And this is an example that, no one needs validation to be what they want to be.

The End..

Definitely an end to this fictional story, but in reality there are endless people who are suffering from gender crisis. I feel extremely disappointed on the fact that the LGBT community is still considered as a minority. They are not given jobs just because they don’t act like their respective genders.

According to me, these people are one of the most kind hearted people I have come across and they should just be treated as normal.

Everyone in this world should be able to change whatever they want about their body and live with however or whoever they want.

This blog post is clearly in support to the whole LGBT community to empower their needs. In conclusion I would say “Stop Discriminating Humans From Humans”


Alright, so let us talk some fashion now..


Today is the final day of the blog post series. So, following the theme, today also I have worn a long shrug with one of my outfit.

I wore a little black dress paired with my closed-toe black shoes. The plain choker adds an edge to the outfit. Contrasting to the outfit in the Part 1, I wore an all black outfit this time. Over the all black, I pulled over a floral shrug which gives it more of a casual look. This is a dress that can be pulled off at a good dinner date or an evening party.

Scroll down to see the outfit details 🙂



Outfit Details

Black dress: Shopper’s stop

Long floral shrug & Choker : Linking road, Bandra

Footwear: Flipkart

I have been watching a few documentaries nowadays and I planned to write a fictional story on the blog. So, this is the end and final part of the blog series. I loved writing a story combined with some fashion. Let me know how you like it.

Comment below and tell me if ya’ll want me to do more of such series.

Like and Share the post and let people know if you agree with my thoughts for the LGBT community and their crisis.

One more post is coming out this week. Follow the blog to get notified as soon as a new blog goes live..

Stay tuned, Thanks for visiting 🙂





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