“I don’t wanna know , i just wanna rock with the flow”, why? We’ve all read or heard this quote at some point in our lives – “Only dead fish go with the flow” and this struck my mind like anything. From that moment I thought to myself if dead fishes move with the flow then what are we doing here? Yes we definitely are also moving with the flow and we can’t stop it right! So why not rock every moment while we are at it. And today’s blog reflect the same passion, the same energy which i share with the most comfortable yet versatile clothing brand Rigo India.

I am rocking this super cute cold shoulder black top from their latest collection and i am already loving the vibes. I have given this look a rocking look because sometimes you’ve to stand apart from the crowd. Not saying dressing other way don’t work. This is something which was running inside my head while i was thinking how should i style this outfit. I have done skirts, shorts almost everything. I just wanted to go back to basics with this one and i am so happy about how it has turned out. Hope you also like it. Have a look!

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