By Mauve Moustache, Maithili Chodankar

So as you’ve noticed I have mad hair. And yes when I say mad it’s not an exaggeration. They are curly, frizzy with a mind of their own. Do I love my hair? Absolutely! Did I always love them? No, as a kid I hated my hair. The thing is in India we cater to straight hair. Hence a lot of curly haired girls like me have little guidance. I decided to do this post as I have a lot of queries about my hair care. This is just the start.

Today we will review three sets of products: I will tell their pros and cons:

Garnier Ultra Blends

Garnier Ultra Blends:

This is their natural range; it is fortified with natural extracts and is paraben free. I choose purifying shampoo with a nourishing conditioner. The shampoo is good, and as said purifying the scalp. I won’t suggest it however if you have dry hair as it ends to make it way too dry for my liking. The conditioner is good, after use leaves the hair soft and manageable. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate it a 7! From price point of view, this one is the cheapest from all three.


Loreal Matrix Biolage Range:

This one was suggested by my stylist Avani, from Happy In The Head. The shampoo and the conditioner again is paraben free. I would say this one would maybe be direct competition for Garnier. I have used loreal products before and do like them, however this one didn’t do much for my hair. I didn’t feel a noticeable change. It neither improved my texture nor worsened it.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate it a 6! From price point of view this one is slightly on an expensive side given the results.


Protein Kera :

This one again was after my haircut, I was searching for a product that has less chemicals to work for my hair. I picked this one up from the beauty centre at Khar. The girl on the counter suggested it. This one has no sodium, no sulphate and no parabens. And it contains Argan Oil. I decided to give it a shot.

I must say, the hair from the first wash felt softer and more manageable. It also didn’t feel too heavy. I styled my hair as usual and they stayed put. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it 8 and a half. From a price point of view it is slightly on the expensive side, but is worth the splurge.

To sum up, I would suggest Garnier to someone on a budget and Kera Protein for someone who is willing to shell out a few bucks.

I hope this post was useful and may help solve some curly hair woes. Do share your comments on the same!

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