Hey guys it’s 6 months I have started my blog and in my journey so far my best friend has been my Apple Gadgets.
As a blogger i have to be digitally sound and tech savvy always, my work is always online. Bloggers are more active on social media platforms sharing their experiences and ootd creating digital influences for their awesome followers. My best and important friend in blogging journey are my 2 apple babies MAC Book Air and I Phone 7.

MAC Book Air
Its one of my personal favourites gadget until now. Its light weight and sleek body is a real bliss for me. It is so handy and sleek that I find it weightless to carry it wherever I go. It’s battery life is awesome as a travel blogger, I have to travel places and I am not sure when will I get a chance to charge it next during the day, as it has a longest battery life, it helps me to be well connected with my clients and followers throughout the day.
As a style influencer I have to be always posting and influencing my followers with my pictures, ootd , blogs, Twits etc. and its lightweight body helps me do that all, as I can easily post standing or sitting anywhere I wish too. The best part about Apple Gadgets are IOS Apps available for photo editing, video creating etc which is been helping me completely and effortlessly in my blogging journey for creating digital influences for my followers.

Above all my Mac Air add on to my style as it looks stunning and luxurious when I hold it in hand, there are times when I don’t carry handbag or other accessories its just my Mac book which add a Glam factor  to my work look.

2) Iphone 7
I just love the pictures I click with this phone. Most of my pics and selfies on my social media accounts are clicked by my Apple 7 handset. Its trendy ,sleek and I just love the rose gold colour it completes me as a women. I am a big selfie queen and my apple 7 does it all for me even in dark i look picture perfect with my rosy gadget.

Coming to my look, today I have clubbed  some smart formals for my shoot. When I am out for a client meet or for some official work, I prefer wearing something formal yet chic. Mostly I pair formal and casual together for my formal look. I am wearing a causal black skater skirt from Faballey and have clubbed it with a formal long sleeves baby pink shirt with golden buttons, which is adding bling factor to my attire from Annabelle Pantaloons and wearing a beige pumps from Westside.


Apple Gadgets   Facebook | Instagram

Causal black skater skirt from Faballey  Facebook | Instagram
Pink Formal Shirt from Pantaloons can also be found on Facebook | Instagram
Beige Pumps Shoe form Westside Facebook | Instagram
Stay connected with me over Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Black Skater Skirt & Similar Pink Shirt can also be bought from Style & Travel Popup Store on Facebook | Instagram

Hope you like my blog and my pictures.

Smart Work Look – Apple Gadgets

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