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Can March Spring? No, but April May. Ah do you see what I did there? With winter long gone, spring is finally here (I know it’s still February). But there’s something beautiful about spring that I cannot just overlook. Flowers bloom, the sun shines (probably too much in Mumbai), birds chirp and the heat is kinda bearable too but I’ll be lying to you if I said that for the people living in Mumbai. It already feels like summer!

Spring reminds me of a new start. The way the flowers turn to their happiest shade and the leaves burst with their increasing chlorophyll levels remind us that after every cold night comes a warm happy day. The nature has its way of showing us positives in life if only we looked closely enough. I’ll proudly quote Albus Dumbledore from my most beloved book Harry Potter here, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” This quote is just apt to describe the change of season from winter to spring. Mind you, I’m not meaning to say that winters are necessarily depressing but the cold, gloomy days largely affect your mood.

Getting back to the topic, spring! When I read the word ‘spring,’ the first thing that naturally comes to my mind is florals. No matter what, floral prints always wiggle their way back into spring trends. Don’t you agree? Girls’ you may deny how many ever times you want that you absolutely detest florals but I know deep down you do secretly love them just like me. I tend to pick up pieces with minimal floral print. Yeah you read that right, Minimalism works for me.

This blue dress with white floral print from Tommy Hilfiger is the perfect example of minimalism. I won’t be saying how I absolutely love this dress because that’s not what you’re here for. I’ll tell you why and how this dress made a way to my wardrobe. Blue being one of my favourite colour was practically the sole reason but the white floral print weaves an untold story on the dress. It superbly outlines the topic I was talking about how even a small ray of light in darkness can bring you happiness. The dress falls flawlessly on my body and is so comfortable that I can spend my entire day in it. It also fits well for all occasions. To complete the look I added my blue chunky earrings and gladiator sandals. And voila! I was ready as ever.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed while shooting for the same. So what are you waiting for girls? Go get out your inner floral diva and rock this spring!

Stay Tuned,


Spring Feels in Tommy Hilfiger

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