Have you ever come across this one quote by Michael Kors about accessories? It goes like this: “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman!” Now, ain’t that true? Really think about it! Our accessories make us and our outfit stand out from others. Be it a beautiful, sequined clutch, or a big bulky finger ring, a pair of pom-pom earrings or a nice choker neckpiece! We all have a favourite piece of accessory, that speaks volumes about who we are.

I strongly believe that a woman makes an outfit her own by choosing the accessories she wears with it. And this is exactly what AS Fashion stands for. Individuality, originality and unconventionality. In simpler terms, with its wide variety of modern and Indo-Western accessories, AS Fashion offers you a chance to be yourself and flaunt it!

Accessories can make or break the look of any outfit! Have you ever noticed how a tiny quirky neckpiece can completely change the look and mood of what you are wearing. See for yourself! I paired the same outfit and make up with two different pieces from AS Fashion, and you won’t believe what the end result was. Here, take a look:



Now, this bright and lovely tie-up choker makes the outfit (and well, me) look so casual. Perfect for a lunch date with friends. Right?


And then… I tried the same outfit and look with these lovely tassel earrings.




Surprised? Notice how the entire look suddenly changed with merely changing the accessory. These big, blue and bulky earrings from AS Fashion, add so much class to the outfit and take it from casual to sexy! Do you guys agree?


Another thing that I really love about the brand is that their accessories are very different, and new! They have these large and beautiful textile jewellery which can be paired with both Indian as well as Western outfits.


The third piece that I absolutely loved was this bright and big neckpiece. I really feel like it defines me. Not fitting in any one zone. Unconventional.

The right piece of accessory can really be the cherry to the cake that your outfit is! And that is why, choosing the right accessory, has never been easy for any of us, right? Earrings or neckpiece? Blingy clutch or bright heels? Nose pin or Nose ring? This is a never-ending battle and each time, a new winner emerges.


And so, AS Fashion tries to help you! Go for the bulky necklace, or the trendy choker. Choose those sky blue tassel and mirror earrings or a smaller version of those. Whatever you go for, make sure you dazzle and sparkle. Make sure you stand out!

So, what are you waiting for. Visit AS Fashion, and order your favourite piece now!

Here is the link to help you out:




A very special thanks to Naman Sawhney from Flicker for the beautiful pictures!

Stand Out ft AS Fashion

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