Hi guys,
Yes i know it’s second post of the day and it’s kinda awkward because i’ve been running slow with my blog posts but trust me there’s  a lot of content already lined up but all i need is a little bit of time from my schedule to post all those. But no excuses now and there will be regular posts from now on.

So Coming back to today’s blog post, i styled a button-less formal shirt which is actually customized and i told my tailor not to add buttons. However, there are botton holes in them so that i can add buttons  after some time when i will get bored from the previous style. Well, while writing this i am thinking to add the pom-pom buttons which will give some tribal feel. What do you think?

I just wore my button-less formal shirt in a criss cross manner, covering my chest part because obviously there are no buttons so you have to be a little more cautious there to avoid any mis happening in public. Hold it tight and bring the two ends of your shirt in front and tie them.  Now here i tied them in a bow sort of manner because i am so much tired of knot style. So to experiment a little bit i tried to tie them in a different manner

Also i am wearing my black jeggings(pants with no zipper) in a front-to-back manner because i always need pockets and i guess this way it worked out for me.

So yea, that’s it for today’s blog. Hope you like it.

Comment for queries and suggestions 🙌

Till then,



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