Exhausted by the heat of the summer ? We cannot reduce the rising temperature but we surely can ease the pain our eyes go through the summers. Fizzexpress an organisation formed for the people to attain relaxation even in such heat, have recently sent me a pair of Clubmaster Glasses which have been like a friend in need for my eyes.

The Octa Horn Rimmed Clubmaster glasses are inexpensive and of great use during the summers. The purplish grey shade of the glasses comfort your eyes not letting the sunlight affect your eyes and helps you see clearly in the highest of temperatures. I have paired these glasses with a long sleeve grey t-shirt whose sleeves i usually keep folded to give it good stylish look along with my bare jeans and Winged tip formal shoes. I love to mix my casual outfits with a little bit of the formal ones. The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear so it is up to you to mix it up or keep it after all life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Wearing a grey t-shirt along with the glasses was because firstly it matches with the colour of the glasses and secondly it reflects the heat helping me to remain calm. Black fabric absorbs all colours of light and is therefore warmer than white fabric which reflects all the colours. The only rule I apply in my life is that not to be boring and dress well wherever I go.
Fizz Express are a firm that offers really low prices for good quality products. They have a wide range of collection of products which include Sunglasses, t-shirts, shoes and socks for men, and many more things for women. What i have observed working with the Fizz express is that they are not wanting to make great profits but are always looking out for customer satisfaction which I really appreciate. You can message them on their website or mail them your queries and in no time they revert back to help you out.

Sunglasses ft.Fizzexpress

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