For the love of statement eyes , there is no shortage of options for fall 2017. Beauty trends have taken a new trip altogether for fall 2016-17 runways and they are undoubtedly captivating.

Anyone who follows my blog posts  knows that I love trying out high end fashion trends to see how they work. I couldn’t resist trying out the new graphic eye liner trend as soon as I saw them on runways. It’s extreme , theatrical and contemporary at the same time . It looks like you are playing a character in a dark graphic novel. Graphic eyeliner trends is one of those trends that you wouldn’t blink an eye at when you see someone wearing it. Just like a writer plays with his words , you must experiment and play with your eyes , cheekbones , contour and lips.

Why only standout with your clothes and why not with your makeup?


There are cat eye liners to thin strokes, there are bottom lash liners and then there are totally smudged looks which had made their way in fall 2016-2017 trends. Make your makeup more fun by trying out different categories of smudged looks. You can wear them softly or fanatically as you wish.

Space Buns

The one hair trend which ruled fashion runways was up-dos. High , low, sleek , messy and many more . We cannot thank cans of hairspray and thousands of bobby pins for keeping the up-dos on the edge. Space buns are back  which proves that two are better than one. The best thing about this hair-do is that anyone from having short , medium or long hair can wear this hair trend. The biggest space bun wearer award should definitely go to miley cyrus as we saw her wearing them the most and making 90s kids proud , oh yayy.

These gravity defying buns and graphic eyeliner kinda evokes the rebel in me .

Exceptionally captured by yugam monga (Instagram handle : @yugammonga)

Makeup by Ravi mathur.

Hope you guys love this post . I’ll keep trying out new beauty , fashion and hair trends. Stay tuned for more .

The Eccentric Eye.

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