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We manage your campaigns based on the goals and preferences you set.

We manage the complete end-to-end campaign – setting campaign-specific goals , identifying right influencers, collaborating with them, assuring on timely deliverables and detailed post campaign reports.

Every campaign will have different goals and we plan accordingly. Whether it   includes optimizing reach, awareness, new product launch, contest, tracking traffic — our team handles everything.

We will identify the most relevant influencers as per your campaign specifications. We strongly believe choosing the right influencers is a critical part of campaign success.

Our team consists of some leading influencers and marketers. We have been designing influencers campaigns for some leading brands and have our research on what works best in this industry. Before we work on campaigns, we study your current positioning and develop a strategy that will drive business results. No campaign is designed without proper research of product, competitors, market and influencers.